Application of power transistor

This article we know that about the application of the power transistor in daily life. The transistor is a three-terminal semiconductors device as well as the current controlled device. Here we list out all the most application of the transistor to better understand this topic. A transistor is mainly used to amplify the small electrical signal and it is also useful in the amplifying circuit. So here we sort out the main application of power transistor for you.
  • Used in the signal amplifier device
  • Used in a digital as well as the analog circuit as a switch
  • Used in power regulator and controller
  • Used in Cellular phone
  • Used in modern electronic IC 
  • The microprocessor includes more than billion of the transistor is used in each chip
  • Darlington transistor pair is often used in touch alight sensing device 
  • The military also used a transistor as high power radio frequency abilities in radar and handheld  radio waves
  • In daily life, we have to use a computer, radios, hearing phones which require good sound quality that needs satisfy using a transistor circuit 
Why transistor is used in daily life application?
  • High voltage gain
  • Require low power supply voltage for operation
  • Smaller size 
  • No heating problem during operation 
  • Solid state device 
  • Mechanically so strong
  • Easily portable