Applications of 3G

3G technology stands for third generation technology, 3G is wireless based network technology which is utilized in smart phones such as i-phones, blackberries, 2G technology. This post we have to discuss a 3G application to understand better knowledge about the 3G network.

Application of 3G network technology :
  • 3G mobile can be used as a modem for the computer that can easily access the internet.
  • 3G technology offers a high-quality voice as well as a video called.
  • 3G devices can offer data transmission speed up to 2Mbits/s when used in the stationary mode.
  • You can view live TV broadcasting in mobile and also you can get weather updates and news headlines in mobiles.
  • The 3G network provides with multimedia services such as sharing of digital photos and movies.
  • The 3G network can offer real-time multiplayer gaming and location-based services.
  • 3G allows the users to be online all the time and it also includes mobile office services, such as virtual banking, online selling as well as teleconferencing at work is one of the best applications.
  • It can be also used for secure mobile commerce transactions.
  • For a business aspect, it can be used for real-time financial information, sales force automation, VPN access etc.

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