Varactor diode applications

The applications of the varactor diode are mainly used in involve within RF design arena. It mostly used in frequency modulations or tunning circuit where the value of capacitance determines the output modulations frequency. Some of the applications of the varactor diode are listed below:
  • Automatic frequency controller wherein varactor diode is used to set LO signal
  • It is used in a variable resonant tank LC circuit
  • It is used in the electronic application
  • High-frequency radios
  • Frequency modulator
  • RF phase shifter
  • Frequency multiplier
  • It is used radio receiver for tunning the circuit
  • Parametric amplifier
  • Bandpass filters
  • Voltage controlled oscillators
  • Ultra-high-frequency television sets
  • Harmonic generators
  • Frequency control circuits
  • Voltage control oscillator is widely used in receiving and transmitting circuit in the field of communication
  • It can be used in high-frequency areas like Tv tunning and FM radio operations and frequency modulations