Types of diode

The semiconductor diode is a combination of two crystalline semiconductor materials, which designed the two materials know as p-type and n-type. So first let we understand what is n-type and what is p-type of materials

The n-type semiconductor has a larger electron concentration. This is done by introducing a donor as impurities. Here the n-type refers to the negative charge of the electron.

While in p-type of the semiconductor has larger hole concertation, here p-type refers as to the positive charge of the hole.

There are several types of diodes are available for use in electronics design namely a Gunn diode, Laser diode, LED, backward diode, BARITT diode, a PIN diode, PN junction diode, Tunnel diode, Schottky diode, Varactor diode, and Zener diode. Here this article gives the information about what is a diode, what is a Zener diode, different types of Zener diode, application, advantages etc.

The various types of diodes are as follows: