Types of Zener diode

There are several types of diodes are available for use in electronics design namely a Gunn diode, Laser diode, LED, backward diode, BARITT diode, a PIN diode, PN junction diode, Tunnel diode, Schottky diode, Varactor diode, and Zener diode. Here this article gives the different types of Zener diode.

Different types of Zener diodes:
  • Normal diode 
  • Power dissipation
  • Forward voltage
  • Packing voltage
  • Forward drive current
  • Maximum reverse current
We have to also explain in details for this diode:
  • Normal diode: The nominal operating voltage of Zener diode is also known as the breakdown voltage of the Zener diode, depending on the application for which type of diode is being to be used, this is often the most important criteria for which Zener diode selection.
  • Maximum Zener current: This refers to the minimum current for the Zener diode start operating in the breakdown region.
  • Power dissipation: This diode represents the maximum amount of power the Zener current can dissipate. Exceeding this power rating leads to an excessive increase in the temperature of the Zener diode which could damage it and also lead to the failure of the things connected to it in a circuit. Thus this factor should be considered when selecting the diode with the user in mind.

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