16 April 2019

LVDT applications

LVDT is a displacement sensor and many other physical quantities can be sensed by converting the displacement to the desired quantity via thoughtful arrangements. It also used to convert mechanical motion or vibrations into a variable electrical current, voltage or electric signals specifically rectilinear motion. So, they are used in a wide variety of applications and lots of advantages, from pill making machines to measuring the thickness of dollar bills in ATM machines. 

Applications of LVDT :
  • LVDT is used to measure the weight as a secondary transducer, this transducer can also work as a secondary transducer.
  • LVDT is used in industries as well as servomechanisms.
  • It can be used testing of soil strength.
  • It can used robotics cleaner.
  • Brain probing medical device.
  • Craft shaft balancer.
  • Final product infection ( checking dimension ).
  • Electronics dial indicator.
  • PILL making machine.
  • Natural gas fuel valve position for a gas turbine for throttle control.
  • Feedwater boiler pump valve positioning.
  • Dollar bill thickness in ATM machines.
  • LVDT is sensor works as the main transducer and that changes dislocation to an electrical signal straight.
  • It is also used in hydraulic cylinder displacement. 
  • It can be used for displacement ranging from the fraction of mm to few cms.
  • Some of these transducers are used to calculate the pressure and load and force.
  • The other application like power turbines, automotive suspension control, hydraulics, automation, aircraft, and satellites.