Thermistor application

A thermistor is a special type of one resistor that uses sensors to help regulate cold and heat. Thermistor uses many devices like voltage regulation, voltage control, time delays, and circuit protection. Here this post gives the various application of thermistor listed below.

The thermistor has various application listed below:
  • A thermistor is used in the control devices actuated by temperature
  • It is used the measurement of flow
  • It is used for the measurement of high-frequency power
  • It measures the composition of gases
  • It is used to measures the vacuum and provides the time delays
  • It is used in automatic temperature controllers
  • It is widely used in temperature measurement
  • The thermistor measures the thermal conductivity
  • It is also used for biasing and compensating circuit of a transistor
  • In electronics circuit used for the temperature compensation
  • The thermistor measures the pressure of a liquid
  • It is used for a current limiting device for circuit protection as a replacement for the fuse
  • Used for the measurement of RF power
  • It is also used for the temperature sensor without or with compensation
  • Thermistor used in the measuring temperature distribution on a temperature gradient
  • Used for the thermal relay circuits and time delay circuit
  • It is used in the control devices actuated by temperature
Some uses of thermistors :
  • Household application
  • Circuit protection
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Digital thermometers
  • temperature compensation
  • Wheatstone bridge circuits
  • Measure thermal conductivity of electrical materials
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