Difference between volte and LTE

The terms LTE and VoLTE are often thrown around so much, especially when it comes to marketing, that their meaning is often confused and muddled so that they often don't understand what the terms mean or what they entail. Both are often used together for marketing but in reality, the two are completely different things though one is depended on the other. 

VoLTE network supports both voice and data same time without hampering the other. Whereas the traditional LTE network may or may not support data and voice together or may affect the quality of the voice call.

The main key difference between VoLTE and LTE are given below.
  • VoLTE stands for voice over LTE while LTE stands for long term evolution.
  • VoLTE designed to carry both voice and data while LTE is primarily designed to be data-only technology.
  • VoLTE support voice as well as data while LTE does not natively support voice transmission.
  • In  VoLTE voice quality remains excellent when a data connection is on while the quality of voice reduce if the data connection is left on in LTE device.

Here this pose also give why VoLTE is better than LTE?
  • Voice quality is better in VoLTE.
  • VoLTE can connect calls faster.
  • Use of VoLTE may save phone battery.
  • VoLTE allows you video calls without using any third-party apps.
  • You can keep the data connection on while making a voice call.

  • LTE is the next generation of mobile technology.
  • LTE offers a high data transfer rate over a 4G network.
  • VoLTE supports both voice and data simultaneously without affecting the quality of others.

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