Microscope vs Telescope

Although both instruments magnify object so that the human eye can see them, the microscope looks at things very near while telescope views things very far away. This difference in purpose explains the substantial differences in their design. Biologists and chemists use microscope ordinarily in laboratories while astronomers use a telescope in observatories.

  • The microscope is used to see a very small object like artificial light whereas a telescope relies on natural light.
  • Where the aperture on a telescope is one of the most important things for viewing planets far in the distance, the opposite is the case for a microscope. Yo don't need a large aperture with a microscope so they tend to have small apertures in comparison to other scopes.
  • In microscope focal length of the eyepiece lens is greater than the focal length of the objective lens while the telescope focal length of the objective is greater than eyepiece.
  • The objective lenses in the telescope areas you might have guessed far larger than the objective lenses in a microscope. In terms of power the objective lens tens to be lower in the telescope.

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