Piezoelectric transducer applications

There are many different types of transducer available but piezoelectric transducer are some of the applications compare to other transducers. So this page is given below some applications of the piezoelectric transducer are given below
  • A piezoelectric transducer is used in spark ignition engines
  • It is used in a record player
  • It is an accelerometer
  • It can be used in electronics watches 
  • It is used in medical diagnostics
  • Used in inkjet printers
  • Used in fertility treatment
  • They are used for studying high-speed waves and blast waves
  • In strain gauges to measure force, stress, and vibrations
  • Used by automotive industries to measure detonations in engines
  • It is used in electric lighter used in kitchens devices
  • These are used in ultrasonic imaging in medical applications
  • The automotive companies used a piezoelectric transducer to detect detonations in the engine blocks
  • Automobile seat bels lock in response to a rapid deceleration is also done by the piezoelectric material
  • They are used in seismographs to measure vibrations in rockets

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