17 August 2019

Advantages and disadvantages of microwave communication

As we know that microwave frequencies are extremely high hence they offer extremely high bandwidth for communication channels. For example, a typical microwave communication channel can carry 4000 audio or 4  different video channels. Only optical communication channels have more bandwidth than these communications.

If you want to learn some different you are the right place for reading so keep reading for a few minutes for the right information regarding microwave communication. Let us have a deep insight into the pros and cons of microwave communication. 

Advantages of  Microwave communication :

  • It has a larger bandwidth and hence a large amount of information can be transmitted using it.
  • Microwave spectrum is divided into a different channel as per application.
  • Microwave technology helps to manage crowded spectrum with the use of highly selective receivers, modulation, spread spectrum techniques and, data compression, etc.
  • Microwave communication is used since earlier days as one of the lines of sight(LOS) communication in hilly remote areas where other means of wired communication not possible to be installed.

Disadvantages of microwave communication:

  • The main disadvantages are microwave communication is limited to line of sight mode only, other modes of communication are not possible.
  • At microwave frequencies, transmit time of current carrier, the electron is higher which takes large % of the actual signal. So, a conventional transistor does not function properly at microwave frequency compare to lower frequency.
  • This transmission does require no obstacle is present in the transmission path.
  • The cost of implementing the communication infrastructure is too much high.
  • Microwave is susceptible to rain, snow, and electromagnetic interference.
  • Lump component such as a resistor, inductor, and capacitors do not have the same characteristics at mucro wave frequencies as they have at lower frequencies hence it is difficult to implement these components at microwave frequencies.