7 August 2019

Advantages and disadvantages of smartphones

  1. Nowadays we have to use a smartphone that has more technology in them than the spacecraft that we sent to the moon 50 years ago. Cellular concepts have helped us to create a significant improvement to communication and information access in almost every corner of the world. Here this page gives some informative information related to the smartphone.

If you want to learn some different you are the right place for reading so keep reading for a few minutes for the right information regarding the Advantages and disadvantages of smartphones.

Advantages of a smartphone:
  • They are multifunctional
  • They store large file
  • Quick to communicate 
  • Information stays protected and confidential
  • It is cheaper communication
  • Easy internet access in anywhere
  • Students can easily communicate easily around the campus
  • Important information can be sent through email by using reminders
  • People can communicate via facebook, twitter, etc instead of making a phone calls
  • Attract top students with leading-edge technology
  • Prepare students for the work environment access to real-world technology
  • Also, the smartphone has a GPS that can be used to locate new places. It's a good idea to have a GPS when travelling to you in unknown places to help you find the place you're looking for. The smartphone will help you navigate your tour.
Disadvantages of smartphones:
  • Lack of connection in class
  • Students cant interact with each other
  • Smartphone are expensive
  • People become anti-social
  • The repair is expensive
  • Can be complicated
  • Oral communication decreases  in workplace
  • Chat room slow down productivity in day to day life
  • Less personal
  • The student becomes relaxed and lazy towards their school work so this then affects their school work
  • Smartphones are not durable especially when not it has taken good care of. Example: When they come into contact with water it can malfunction easily
  • Many applications which need to be the smartphone, need to be also mastered to avoid confusion when it operating it
  • The keyboard size of the smartphone is too awkward and therefore causes confusion 
  • A smartphone cannot be used to store a large amount of data due to their storage memory

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