Advantages and disadvantages of MCCB

MCCBs stands for molded case circuit breaker, it is used to control electric energy in distribution n/k and is having short circuit and overload protection. MCCB  is a circuit breaker that is an electromechanical device that guards a circuit from a short circuit and over current.

The main primary function of MCCBs is to give a mean to manually open circuit, automatically open circuit under short circuit or overload conditions. In an electrical circuit, the overcurrent may result in faulty design.  Let us have a deep insight into the advantages of the molded case circuit breaker, to know more about it. 

Advantages of MCCB:

  • MCCB has a prevent the electrical device from faulty situation.
  • The maintenance cost fee is free and recurring costs are less.
  • This device is compact in the measure. hence saves wide space in the panel design.
  • MCCB can clear several faults before it is due for replacement.
  • In this circuit breaker, some multi-purpose accessories can be fitted with the MCCB.
  • When we have to use MCCBs, there is no possibility of single phasing due to fault in only one phase.
  • MCCB takes less time to reset and to switch on while it trips down during the faults.
  • Along with MCCBs, there are certain accessories that can be fitted and few also act as multi-purpose usage.
  • Some multi-reason adornments can be fitted with the MCCB.
  • MCCBs have to limit downtime. Unlike in a fuse based system, there is no searching for a replacement fuse. It is very well may be reset and switched on again instantly in the wake of finding the blame that caused the stumbling amid activity.
  • MCCBs can clear a few blame previously it is expected for substitution.
  • MCCBs are used for electrical feeder protection against overcurrent, earth fault and under voltage.

When you have bought online following some point to benefits which leads you in making the right decision for shopping of MCCBs:

  • Time-saving.
  • 24/7 order placement.
  • Technical specification and consultations online.
  • Exclusive offers, discounts, and better prices.
  • Easy step process to place an order.
  • Wide variety of branded products, listed in the catalog.
A molded case circuit breaker is a fundamental component of electrical protection for high current applications. Adequate size and maintenance of MCCB are key elements in order to guarantee safe and also reliable in the long term.

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