Features of IC LM337

Description of IC LM337:

The LM337 PINOUT is adjustable 3 terminal negative voltage regulators capable of supplying in excess of -1.5 A over an output voltage range of -1.2 V to -37 V. They always require only two external resistors to set the output voltage and one output capacitor for frequency compensation. Here this post gives some basic features of IC LM337  to better understand this IC's.

Basic features of  IC LM337 are given below:

  • It is an adjustable 3 terminal negative voltage regulator.
  • Its output voltage can be set to range from -1.25V to 37V.
  • The operating junction temperature is 125 C.
  • Output voltage adjustable down to VRFF.
  • 0.01%/V typical line regulation.
  • 0.3%/V typical load regulation.
  • The current limit is constant with temperature.
  • Ripple rejection around 77 dB.
  • Standard 3 lead transistor packages.
  • 9.50 ppm/°C temperature coefficient.
  • Excellent thermal regulation around 0.002%/V.
  • Maximum output current when voltage difference 15V is -2.2A.
  • Differential input and the output voltage is 40V, recommended 15V.
  • The maximum output current is -1.5A.
  • Available into To-220, SOT223, TO263 package.
  • Thermal overloaded protection.
  • Internal short circuit current limiting protection.
  • Peak output current constant over the temperature range of regulator.
  • Direct replacement for industry standard LM337.
  • Output transistors safe area compensation.
  • Floating operations for high voltage applications.
  • Eliminates stocking many fixed voltages.

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