Advantages and disadvantages of GiFi

GiFi is the efficient technology than the other wireless technology like WiFi, WiMax in terms of speed for transferring the videos within a second, less power consumption, highly portable, small size and also simplicity. For that, within a few years, we expect that GiFi to be a dominant technology. Here this post gives some benefits or advantages and drawbacks or disadvantages of GiFi technology to better understand this topic.

Advantages of GiFi:

  • It offers a very high data rate at lower interference.
  • The device is very cost-effective.
  • This device consumes very low power.
  • The GiFi chip is very small in size. Hence devices are also available in small sizes.
  • The deployment of the GiFi network and devices does not take much time. This system is very fast and also easy to install the GiFi network. 
  • It supports both service level and link-level security and hence it offers more security.
  • In GiFi technology secure encryption technology used to ensures privacy and security content.
  • It is a high-speed data transfer.
  • This device is highly portable and high mobility.
  • The data transfer rate of GiFi is 5-gigabit per second which is higher than other technologies. 
  • GiFi gives simple connection, improve the consumer experience, Also it highly portable and be constructed everywhere.
  • GiFi provides multimegabit wireless technology that is 100 times faster than short-range wireless technology such as Bluetooth and WiFi.

Disadvantages of GiFi:

  • It supports a short distance of about 10 meters due to high attenuation.
  • When we have used this system, the GiFi signals are easily blocked by objects due to lesser operating wavelength.
  • It is less secure compared to the LiFi system. 
  • RTS/CTS signals are not used in GiFi technology, unlike WiFi standards.
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