30 January 2020

Features of LiFi

nowadays LiFi technology include is the latest technology, its advantages to the capacity, availability, speed, cost, energy efficiency, safety, the security of a wireless system with a number of key benefits over WiFi ut is inherently a complementary technology.

Some key features of LiFi technology are listed below:

  • LiFi technology provides 1k times with greater data density compared to that of WiFi.
  • It is two-way communications that use the medium of light.
  • LiFi light is present everywhere.
  • It is safe technology to transfer confidential manner.
  • It eliminates any health hazards caused by radio frequency (RF) waves.
  • The visible light spectrum is plentiful, free to use and unlicensed.
  • The diode called a photodiode, which is used as a receiver which can turn light into electrical signals.
  • The LiFi system would be of low cost as it requires less number of components.
  • No additional power input is required for this technology, moreover LED illumination is already efficient.
  • The use of light cannot interfere with any electronic circuitry and hence the technology is a safe ad on the hazard.
  • Haking is negligible compared to WiFi since the rage of data transmission is confined to a certain area.
  • RF transmission and propagation in water are extremely difficult but LiFi works well in this environment. 
  • Very high-speed data rates can be achieved due to low interference, high device bandwidth, and high-intensity optical output.
  • Require fewer components than radio technology.
  • Capacity for planning is simple since there tends to be illumination infrastructure where people wish to communicate, and also good signal capacity and strength can literally be seen.