LiFi applications

LiFi stands for Light Fidelity, LiFi uses the applications are varied as a result of its key features such as directional lighting, energy efficiency, intrinsic security, high data rate capability, integrated networking capability and also many more advantages of LiFi. Here this pose gives an introduction about how the LiFi technology applications used in a different area.  

The different type of main application of LiFi are listed below:

EMI sensitive environments

Li-Fi enabled lighting will allow high data rate connectivity for each and every passenger. This process will allow connectivity at all times without creating electromagnetic interference with sensitive radio equipment on the flight deck. 

Underwater communication

Radio waves are quickly absorbed in water, preventing underwater radio communication, but light can penetrate for large distances. Therefore LiFi can enable communication from driver to driver, driver to mini-sub, driver to drilling, etc.

Traffic light

LiFi can be used to provide drivers with traffic and also to be weather updates as they wait at the traffic for light. This also eliminates the problem of getting critical traffic updates to drivers who are already on the road.

The Military

Unlike WiFi, LiFi is confined to a small range. As light does not penetrate walls, data transmitted over LiFi can be limited to a small area such as a tent. This makes LiFi great for use by the military even in remote locations as the data can't be intercepted by the outside hackers. 

Augmented reality

This system will exhibit in museums and galleries that are illuminated with specific lighting. LiFi enabled lighting can provide localized information within the light. This means that visitors' cameras or mobile phones can be used to download further information regarding the object being viewed from the light that illuminates the exhibit.

Safety environments

In the explosion hazard environment, the use of electrical equipment, including mobile phones, is generally greatly restricted. The use of LiFi, will to the pass data simplify the configuration of data networks in such an environment and it can enable new systems to enhance security in these real environments.

Localized advertising

By using shop display lighting as a LiFi broadcast channel used and, it is possible to transmit the advertising information on the goods being viewed, as well as say special offers and coupons. This will allow the merging of the high street and online shopping experience, and provide a novel retail business model to emerge. 

Sensitive data

Hospitals are specific cases of an environment where both EMI sensitivity and security of data are issues. LiFi can enable the better deployment of secure networked on medical instruments, and patient records.

Indoor navigation

Be identifying each light it is possible to provide a smart means of navigating through the urban environment. The identification of each code would of each code be linked to a specific location.


Our homes already have lighting widely installed. So the uses of the LiFi system enabled lighting will transform the various applications that can be envisaged, that not only the interconnection of devices, such as televisions computers and HiFi but also connecting ordinary domestic appliances, such as fridges, washing machines, vacuums.