25 February 2020

Advantages of three phase converter over single phase converter

The main advantages of the three-phase converter over a single-phase converter are given below:

  • In this converter more power per kilogram of metal from a three-phase machine.
  • Three-phase motors have better power factor regulations.
  • The size of the three-phase factor motor is smaller than the single-phase converter.
  • Power delivered for this system to a three-phase load is constant in all the time, instead of pulsing as is does in a single-phase system.
  • A three-phase generator is the smaller size that single phase generators as the wind phase can be more effectively used.
  • Three-phase power distribution requires a lesser of copper or aluminum for transferring the same amount of power as compared to single-phase power.
  • The ripple factor of rectified the produced from three-phase power is too much less than to the DC produced from a single-phase supply.
  • Three-phase motor is self-starting as it can produce a rotating magnetic field. The single-phase motor requires a special winding as it produces only a pulsating magnetic field.
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