1 March 2020

Advantages and disadvantages of single phase transformer

A main key advantages to single phase transformer vs three-phase transformer is lower cost. The main difference between that the single-phase transformer is more appropriate for lighter equipment while in the three-phase transformer is used in the high power system. here this post gives the advantages and disadvantages of a single-phase transformer to better understand this topic.

Advantages of single-phase transformer:

  • The cost of stand by the unit transformer is reduced.
  • Any transformer can be switch off or maybe depending on their load demand.
  • If two ad more transformer are connected in parallel the service continuity ensures and the system becomes reliable.
  • If more transformed works in parallel the chance of overloading of particular transformer reduces.

Disadvantages of single-phase transformer:

  • The maintenance cost becomes more.
  • The space required for installing the transformed is more.
  • When one or more transformer works on a parallel then chance of fault occurrence will e increased.
  • The protective device of the transformer is more.

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