Differences Between Velocity and Acceleration

The key difference between velocity and acceleration is that velocity defines the rate with which an object varies its position. While acceleration is defined as the with which velocity of the object changes during motion.

The main key difference between velocity and acceleration are listed below:

  • Velocity implies the speed of an object in the given direction, while Acceleration implies any change in the velocity of an object with respect to time.
  • Velocity is measured in m/s while the measuring unit of acceleration in m/s2.
  • Velocity calculate with displacement, Acceleration calculate with velocity
  • The product of mass and velocity of a moving object is momentum. whereas the product of mass and acceleration gives the value of the applied force on the object.
  • Velocity is given as the ratio of change in position with time. However, acceleration is the ratio of change in velocity with respect to time.
  • Velocity is a parameter that relies on displacement and time but acceleration relies on velocity and time.
  • Velocity provide information regarding the fastness of an object moving in a specific time. An acceleration gives information about the variable velocity of the object at different time intervals.
  • The formula of velocity is displacement per time(d/t) while in acceleration velocity per time (v/t).
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