24 March 2020

SDH advantages over PDH

SDH is actually derived from the PDH but makes lots of improvements and changes on the basis of  PDH. Compared with PDH, SDH has a large number of advantages and benefits. SDH is most widely used in the telecommunication sector in the easy transfer of data. Earlier PDH was widely used but due to some of its problems and weaknesses, SDH has replaced the use of PDH. But not everywhere.  Here this article gives the what are the advantages of SDH over PDH to better understand this topic.

The main key advantages of SDH over PDH are listed below:

  • SDH is equipped with the powerful capabilities of networking and network protection.
  • SDH is cost-effective and reduces networking costs due to transversal compatibility.
  • SDH has excellent ability of DXC.
  • The standardized optical interface makes it very convenient for interconnection in lines.
  • The world standard frame structure and rate of digital signals make it easy to interconnect in all around the world.
  • The synchronous structure is possible.
  • SDH possesses forward and backward compatibility.
  • SDH adopts the synchronous mapping, encapsulation, and pointer to facilitate the add and drop branches.
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