Application of Galvanometer

A galvanometer is used for detecting and measuring electric current. The most common use of galvanometers was as instruments use an analog measuring instrument called as ammeter used to measure the direct current an electric circuit. Here this article gives what is the applications of Galvanometer to better understand this topic.

Uses of Galvanometer:

  • It is used for measuring the current.
  • The voltage between any two points of the circuit is also determined through the galvanometer.
  • It is used for detecting the direction of current flow in the circuit.
  • It also determines the full point of the circuit. The null point which means the situation in which no current flows through the circuit.
  • They are used in a film camera to get the reading of photoresistors in the metering mechanisms.
  • They are used in CD/DVD played and hard drives for controlling the position of head servos.
  • They are used in the control system, laser engraving, laser TVs, laser sintering, of head servos.

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