14 April 2020

Difference Between Amps and Watts

As we know, amps and watts are the two most common key terms in the field of electrical and electronics and communication engineering. Most of the times these terms confuse the newbie or those who just started learning the electronics sciences.

Definition of Amp:

The ampere is a rate of flow electric charge flow through the conductor. The SI unit of electric current. It represented by the symbol of A. 

Definition of Watts:

A watt has expressed the rate of the power flow. When one amp flows through an electrical difference of one volt, its result in terms of watts. W is the symbol for watt or watts.

One of the major differences between the amp and watt is that the amp is the SI unit of the current wheres the power is the  SI unit of the power. Here this article gives the difference between volt and amp to better understand this topic.

The main key difference between amps and watts are listed below:
  • Amps are the unit of current flow, while in watts is the unit for power.
  • Amps when multiplies by voltage equate to watts.
  • Amps are applicable only to electricity while watts is can be used in other forms of energy.
  • Measuring amps is much easier than measuring watts.
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