25 May 2020

Application of ammeter

Meter is an instrument that can measure a particular quantity. As we know that the unit of current is ampere. An ammeter is ampere meter which measures ampere value. Ampere is the unit of the current so an ammeter is a meter or an instrument that measures current. Here this article gives information about the advantages and disadvantages of the ammeter to better understand this topic.

Uses of ammeter:

  • The application of this device will range from school to industry.
  • These are used to measure the current flow in the building to ensure that the flow is not too low or too high.
  • It is used with a thermocouple to check the temperature.
  • These current flowing through the coil produces the desire deflecting torque.
  • Electricians frequently use these devices to check the faults of the circuits in the building.
  • It is used in manufacturing and instrumentation companies to check the functionally of the devices.
  • This instrument is used to measure current in the circuit.
  • It is always connected series in the circuit and carries the current to be measure,
  • It is used with a thermocouple to check the temperature.
  • When PMMC is used as an ammeter, except for a very small current range, the moving coil is connected across a suitable low resistance in shunt, so that only a small part of the main current flow through the coil of the device.
  • The shunt consists of a number of thin plates made up of alloy metal, which is usually magnetic and has a low-temperature coefficient of resistance, fixed between two massive blocks of copper. A resistor of the same alloy is also placed in series with the coil which reduces due to temperature variation.
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