17 May 2020

Difference between one-way switch and two-way switch

The main difference between one way and two-way switch is them is the number of contacts that they have. A one-way switch only has two contacts while the two-way switch has three contacts.

What is a one-way switch?

One way switch is an electrical switch, which operates as a brake switch. When it get turn on, the two terminals get connected. When we take how it turn off. the connections get fell apart because it goes on to the reverse position. It is effective in similar like areas room, washrooms, balconies, corridors, stores, etc,

What is a two-way switch?

A two-way switch is an electrical switch, It is combined one-way switches. But keep in mind, one of the terminals get merged to any of the switch but not both at a time. In this breakage can occur. When one connection is made the other gets damaged automatically.

The main key difference between one-way switch and two-way switch:

  • One way switch is only ave two terminals while two-way switches have three terminals.
  • A two-way switch can be used to control the light from two locations while a one-way switch cannot.
  • The one-way switch has defined ON and OFF states while the two-way switch does not define. 
  • In two way switch, there are two, once way switches combined in one. One of the terminals can be connected to either of the two, but not both at the same time.
  • The one-way switch also called the single-phase switch, it is effective in small rooms and for domestic electrical appliances but the two-way switch pays for multi-door large rooms, stairways, and long corridors. An easy switch top operate but a little complicated in installation.
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