26 July 2020

Difference Between Flash drive and Pen drive

A flash drive and a pen drive have similar capabilities and are fundamentally alike, in any case, many individuals confound the terms. So here this article give the information about the main key difference between the flash drive and pen drive to better understand this topic.

Difference between the flash drive and pen drive:

  • The flashes drive is a wider term than the pen drive. the flash drive can be pen or USB drive. 
  • Flash drive has multi uses. you can use it externally as well as internally. In the latest laptop, tablet, and notebook instead of a hard disk flash drive is being used. While the pen drive is always used externally moreover it required a USB port to work.
  • Flash drive is a nonvolatile memory with no mechanical elements, while in pen drive is a removable drive consisting of a flash memory that is connected via USB port.
  • Pen drive is manufactured according to fixed P/E cycles, when your pen drives archives these limits it will become automatically useless. The integrated flash drive has no such problem because in some computer systems it is working in place of the hard disk.
  • Pendrive is only used for data storage and transfer while flash drive can be used for various purposes - both internally and externally of a device.
  • Computer with low specification takes a long time to handle the pen drive sam is the situation of the external drive. While the internal flash drive has no such problem. It works as a normal hard disk works.
  • Pendrive is always directly connected to a USB port. A flash drive may be plugged in a direct or corded USB connection or even more, can be stored inside of a cell phone or mobile media device.

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