Digital signature how to create

If you have an individual or entity is asked to digitally sign in a document, they can do so with utmost ease by following simple steps are followed, upon receiving an e-mail containing a link to the document which needs to be digital signed, here what one should do. You can also check out the basic key difference between a digital signature and an electronic signature to better understand this topic.

How to create a digital signature?


Step1: On clicking the link, your document opens in an electronic signature tool.
Step2: The user will be asked to agree to the electronic signing. After the user confirming the agreement and if the document was sent via focusing, you should stage with instructions to start or sign.
Step3: Clicking each tag and adhering to the instruction, the user can add the digital signature.
Step4: The final and most important step is that is to verify one's identity and follow the instruction to add the digital signature.

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