Difference between PROM and EPROM

The main key difference between PROM ad EPROM is that PROM can be programmed just once means that it can be written only one time whereas EPROM is erasable, hence it can be reprogrammed or rewritten.  So here this article gives the main key difference between PROM and EPROM to better understand this topic.

Definition of PROM

PROM stands for programmable read-only memory, It was intended to fulfil the need for a set of ROM which can contain a particular memory content. The PROM memory is written only once and programmed electrically by the user at the time or after the original chip fabrication. The necessary content file is supplied by the user and inserted in the machine known as the ROM programmer. There exist a fuse at each programme connection and it is blown when the connection is not needed.

Definition of EPROM

EPROM stands for erasable programmable read-only memory, it is the type of ROM is read ad written optically. To write associate EPROM, its storage cells should stay within the same initial state. EPROM provides reduced storage permanency as compared to PROM as a result of the EPROM is receptive to radio ad electrical noise. In the  EPROM, MOS transistors are used.

Difference between PROM and EPROM:

  • PROM is not reusable, but the EPROM is reusable multiple times.
  • PROM is inexpensive, while EPROM is processed can be reversed.
  • The processes of PROM are irreversible, it is memory is permanent, whereas the EPROM process can be reversed.
  • PROM is the type of ROM and it is written only, while EPROM is also the type of ROM is read and written optically.
  • The storage endurance of EPROM is high, while in EPROM storage endurance of PROM is less than PROM.
  • PROM is better than EPROM in terms of flexibility ad scale, while in EPROM has less flexibility and scalability.
  • PROM is totally sheathed during a plastic cowl, while in EPROM is boxed in during a rock crystal windows so the ultraviolet radiation rays will transfer through it.
  • PROM is the older version of EPROM, while the EPROM is the modern version of PROM.
  • PROM is a bipolar transistor is used, while in EPROM, a MOS transistor is used.
  • If there is miscalculations or error or bug while writing on PROM, it becomes unusable. Whereas if there miscalculation or error or bug while on EPROM, it will still be used once more.
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