UDP applications

 What is the application of UDP?

  • UDP used for a simple request-response communication system when the size of data is too much less and hence there is lesser concern about flow ad error control.
  • Media streaming can also be used by UDP.
  • UDP is used for some routing update protocol like RIP, called the routing information protocol.
  • It is also a suitable protocol for multicasting as UDP support packet switching.
  • It is local broadcast mechanisms.
  • Trivial file transfer protocol.
  • normally used for real-time application which can not tolerate uneven delay between a section of a received message.
  • Host configuration protocol that consists of short request ad reply exchanges.
  • It reduces the requirement of computer resources.
  • The transmission of real-time packets, mail-in multimedia applications.
  • UDP provides minimally unreliable, one of the best-effort, and message passing transport to application and upper-layer of the protocol. Compared to other transport protocols.
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