Advantages and Disadvantages of programmable logic devices

PLD called a programmable logic device, it is a semiconductor device that can be programmed to obtain required logic devices. The advantage of PLD is re-programmability, they have replaced special-purpose different types of logic devices like logic gates, flip flop, counter, and multiplexer in many semi-custom applications. It consists of an array of AND and OR gates, which can be programmed to realize the required logic function. So here this article gives the advantages and disadvantages of PLD to better understand this topic.

Advantages of programmable logic devices:

  • Low development cost
  • Less space requirement
  • Less power requirement
  • It is easy to troubleshoot
  • Less design time
  • High switching speed
  • High design security
  • Easy design modification
  • High reliability
  • Only the connection mask require to be custom made
  • Easy circuit testing
  • There is no need for the time-consuming logic design of some random logic gate network device
  • Design checking easy
  • The design change is also easy
  • The layout is far simpler than that for random logic gate networks 
  • Adoption of the new technology is quick and easy

Disadvantages of programmable logic devices:

  • The high-cost solution in large quantities
  • It requires a large area and poor performance
  • Lack of security
  • Large power requirement
  • Not flexible in terms of integrating analog box
  • Additional cost, power, space requirements, etc
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