15 February 2021

Face recognition advantages and disadvantages

Facial recognition technology is a normal part of everyday life now. Whether it is a surveillance camera in grocery stores, tagging friends on social media, or logging into our smartphones, facial recognition is here to stay. In recent years facial recognition one of the most important technology in biometric. So here this gives the information about the advantages and disadvantages of face recognition technology to better understand this topic.

Advantages of face recognition:

  • Nowadays there are many advantages of face recognition systems such as their convenience and social acceptability. All you need is your picture taken for it to work.
  • Face recognition is easy to use and in any case, it can be performed without a person even knowing.
  • The camera price should go down.
  • This system is convenient.
  • Face recognition is more user-friendly.
  • It is in inexpensive techniques of identification.
  • Social acceptability.
  • Facial recognition may be a good measure to avoid the spread of diseases.
  • It can be used to unlock devices.
  • Machine learning and AI will help to improve and expand facial recognition.
  • Harder to hide from criminals.
  • It May help to identify a fake passport.
  • Can prevent all kinds of fraud.
  • May help to protect improtant infrastrucutre

Disadvantages of face recognition:

  • The face recognition system can't tell the difference between identical twins.
  • Affected by the environment.
  • Facial recognition can be expensive.
  • Privacy concerns related to facial recognition.
  • High false o match range.
  • Technology is not mature yet.
  • Can take away freedom and fun from people.
  • Potential for primary abuse.
  • Can be misused by the government.
  • Rules and regulations against facial recognition in some regions.
  • problem with false rejection when people change their hairstyles.
  • Sensitive data may get stolen by hackers.
  • Lack of regulations in the AI in face recognition systems.
  • Facial recognition can lead to higher unemployment rates.
  • The general public may not accept this technology.
  • Excessive reliance on facial recognition can be dangerous.
  • Storage of data can be problematic.
  • The general public may not accept this technology.