15 March 2021

Difference Between Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

The main concept behind air conditioning and refrigeration is to lower the temperature of a particular area compared to the surrounding. These phenomena are used in a variety of domestic and industrial equipment, such as air conditioners and refrigerators. So here this article gives the difference between refrigeration and air conditioning to better understand this topic.

Definition of Refrigeration:

The process by which the heat from a closed region is transferred to the region of high temperature to reduce the temperature of that particular region is known as Refrigeration.

Definition of Air conditioning:

The process of removal of heat from a region to reduce the temperature of that specific region along with maintaining desired humidity and the air purity conditions is known as air conditioning.

Difference between refrigeration and Air conditioning:

  • In refrigeration, the heat is transferred to a region with higher temperature, while the Air conditioning the heat is removed from a given area to maintain a cool temperature.
  • The refrigeration, the circulation system is designed to keep the cool air within the unit, while the air conditioning the circulation system is designed to blow the cooled air out of the unit.
  •  In Refrigeration, no fan is required, while the Air conditioning fan is required.
  •  In refrigeration, the air is supplied to the unit through pipes, while the Air conditioning the inbuilt chemicals within the unit absorbs air into the system.
  • Refrigeration is used to cool the food for food preservation, while air conditioning is used to cool the room to maintain humidity.
  • The ideal range of temperature for refrigeration lies between 1.7-degree Celcius to 4 degrees Celcius, while in air conditioning, the ideal range exists between 18 degrees Celcius to 24 degrees celsius.
  • Refrigeration one single unit encompasses the evaporator, compressor, and condenser, while the Air conditioning there is two individual units are present. One unit for the evaporator and the other unit houses the compressor and the condenser.
  • The refrigeration process requires far less energy than the air conditioning process.