16 April 2021

Advantages and disadvantages of DOL starter

DOI stands for direct online stater is a method of starting a 3 phase induction motor. In DOL an induction motor is connected directly across its 3 phase supply and the DQL stater applies the full line voltage to motor terminals.

Advantages of DOL starter:

  • It is a simple and most economical starter
  • Easy to understand and troubleshoot
  • It is easy to operate
  • DOL starter connects the supply to the delta winding of the motor device
  • Provides nearly full starting torque at the starting
  • More comfortable to design, operate, and control
  • DOI is an inexpensive starter
  • The designing, operating, and controlling of this starter is very easy

Disadvantages of DOL starter:

  • Mechanically tough
  • Unnecessary high starting torque
  • DOL starter reduces the lifespan of the machine
  • High starting current
  • DOL start causes a significant dip in voltage, hence suitable only for small motors
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