LM1117 Pinout | Introduction | Configuration | Features | Advantages | Application

LM1117 is an adjustable voltage regulator that can provide a patch as well as a variable voltage. It can provide a fixed voltage of 1.8,2.5,, and 5 volts for a starter. It has a variable output voltage that can be adjusted between 12.5 and 13.8 volts. Let us have a deep insight into the introduction, pinout, features, advantages, applications of LM1117.

LM1117 Pinout Diagram:

  • Pin1: This pin connects to the ground when used in fixed voltage mode. It is the adjustable mode, it is an adjust pin and provides features to adjust the output voltage as desired.
  • Pin2: It gives the stable and regulated output voltage.
  • Pin3: The IC applied with input voltage signal through this pin

LM1117 Pinout Diagram

Features of LM1117:

  • Fixed/adjustable 3 terminal linear voltage regulator
  • Output current is 800mA
  • Inbuilt current limiting and thermal protection
  • Available in To-220, SOT223, TO263 packet
  • Variable voltage range:1.25V to 13.8V
  • Operating Junction temperature is 125 degrees centrigrated.
  • Fixed voltage type: 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, and 5V.
  • The maximum input voltage for this IC is 20V.
  • The line voltage regulator having a minimum drop-out voltage of 1.1V.
  • Line regulation of 0.1% max and load regulation of  0.2% max.
  • It has an internal thermal protection circuit for protecting IC against overheating
  • Protection against overcurrents is also provided.

Application of LM1117: 

  • AC drive stage modules
  • Merchant network and server PSU
  • Industrial AC/DC
  • Ultrasound scanners
  • Switching DC to DC converters
  • Controlling motors
  • The current limiting and reverse polarity circuit can be implemented using this linear voltage regulator.
  • Servo drive control modules
Alternative voltage regulators:

LM7805, LM7809, LM7905, LM117V33, XC6206P332MR

Where to use it?

These are high-efficiency linear regulators can work down to -40 degree centigrade which makes it suitable for outdoor and high altitude applications. This chip can be used in battery chargers. Battery-powered instrumentation and in designing variable power supplies. This chip is used in DVDs, PC, and some other consumer products.