Benefits of RFID

RFID stands for radio frequency identification, and it is becoming increasingly popular in the supply chain as a method of identifying and tracking products and assets.  So here this article gives the benefits of RFID to better understand this topic.

Benefits of RFID:

  • RFID support tag reading with no line of sight or item by item scans required.
  • All RFID tags within range can be detected and matched with information in your database in real-time.
  • RFID reduces capitals costs.
  • The RFID reader can read multiple RFID tags simultaneously, offering increased inefficiency.
  • Assets can be cross-referenced against their assigned location and marked as present, absent, or relocated.
  • RFID can be combined with both active scanning and fixed readers to create a fully automated tracking solution.
  • Scanners that support both RFID and barcoding are now available, allowing you to upgrade at your own pace.
  • It provides information to help you make better decisions.
  • RFID technology automates data collection, reducing human effort and error significantly.
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