Both RADAR and SONAR are detection systems that can be used to identify and locate objects that are not visible or at a great distance. They are similar in that they both detect the reflected signal of a previously transmitted signal.


  • RADAR stands for radio detection and ranging device, while SONAR stands for sound ranging and navigation device.
  • A radar helps to find or acknowledge us of the unwanted object or bodies that may come in our path and may prove to be dangerous for use, while the sonar is a navigation and ranging device that uses sound waves or signals to recognize unwanted bodies or objects.
  • RADAR is for detection purposes, radar uses radio waves, while SONAR is used for navigating purposes, SONAR uses sound waves.
  • The frequency range of RADAR is 50-330MHZ, while the SONAR frequency range is 100KHZ to 1MHZ.
  • RADAR is mostly used in space, spacecraft, and aeroplanes, for example, whereas SONAR is mostly used for water communication and ranging examples.
  • The maximum range of RADAR is 100-350 KM, while the SONAR max range is 482 km.
  • The speed of RADR is more than SONAR, While SONAR has less speed than RADAR.
  • The propagation speed of RADAR is 1500 variable, while the SONAR propagation speed is 3*108 m/sec, constant.