20 December 2021

Isotopes vs Isomer | Difference between Isotopes and Isomer

What are Isotopes?

The properties of atoms of the same element can differ. This distinct atom of the same element is referred to as isotope. They differ from one another by having a different of neutrons, Because the neutron number varies, so does the mass number. The number of protons and neutrons in the same element isotopes is the same. The relative abundance of different isotopes is expressed as a percentage value.

What is Isomer?

Isomer is a distinct compound that shares the same molecular formula, Isomer comes in a variety of forms. There are two types of isomers: constitutional isomers and stereoisomers. Butane is the most basic alkane to exhibit constitutional isomerism. Constitutional isomers are isomers in which the connectivity of atoms in molecules differs.

Isotopes vs Isomer | Difference between Isotopes and Isomer :

  • An atom of the same element is referred to as an isotope. Isomers are distinct compounds that share the same molecular formula.
  • Isotopes differ from one another based on the number of neutrons, whereas isomers differ based on atom arrangement.
  • Isotopes of a single element have the same chemical behavior but may have different physical properties. Isomers with the same chemical formula have chemical and physical properties that differ.