19 August 2022

Virus Vs Antivirus | Difference | Comparison

Virus and antivirus the most common thing about the two is the virus. These two have a huge online following. In addition, they have improved and developed over time. The creators of virus and antivirus software are computer experts and geniuses. So here this article gives the difference between Virus vs Antivirus to better understand this topic.

What is Virus?

A virus stands for, vital information resources under siege virus is a harmful executable code that is connected to another executable file and can be either innocuous or capable of modifying or deleting data. When a virus-infected computer application executes. It takes some action. Take away a file from the computer system as an example. Viruses are impervious to the remote control.

What is antivirus?

This software is meant to prevent, identify and eliminate malware such as trojan horses, spyware, worm, and adware. When choosing antivirus software, exercise caution, newer varieties of viruses are being released by hackers or computer gurus. Your standard antivirus cannot see the upgraded viruses and cannot identify them. Because of the yearly release of new viruses, their effectiveness decreases. 

Virus Vs Antivirus | Difference between Virus and antivirus:

  • A computer virus is a harmful program that can duplicate and run on its own. The computer software that scans data is known as antivirus software. It recognizes, stops, finds, and gets rid of computer viruses and other dangerous software.
  • The virus is destructive in nature. Antivirus is preventive in nature. 
  • The virus harms the computer system in different ways. Antivirus protects the computer system from viruses and other malicious software.
  • The virus is unwanted and not welcomed. Antivirus is always welcomed. 
  • Viruses can multiply from one computer to another. From one machine to another, the antivirus cannot be spread.
  • The virus is meant for the benefit of the transmitter. Antivirus is created with the recipient of the infection in mind.