Features of SMTP

SMTP stands for simple mail transfer protocol. Simple mail transfer protocol(SMTP) is a set of communication guidelines that allow the software to send electronic mail over the internet. The simple mail transfer protocol's primary function is, of course, to implement the TCP/IP electronic mail delivery system. So let us discuss the basic features of SMTP.

Features of SMTP:

  • SMTP is a push protocol.
  • SMTP uses TCP at the transport layer.
  • SMTP uses port number 25.
  • SMTP uses persistent TCP connections to send multiple emails at the same time.
  • SMTP is a connection-oriented protocol.
  • SMTP is an in-band protocol.
  • SMTP is a stateless protocol.
  • SMTP includes a VRFY command which can be used to check the validity of an email address without actually sending mail to it.
  • The SMTP command EXPN can be used to determine the individual e-mail addresses associated with a mailing list. 
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