Difference between HTTP and SMTP

SMTP and HTTP are both network-layer protocols that are used to transfer the information between the hosts. HTTP is used to transfer data from a web server to a web client while SMTP is used to transfer emails between mail servers. So here this article gives the main key difference between SMTP and HTTP to better understand this topic. 

What is HTTP?

HTTP stands for hypertext transfer protocol,, HTTP is the backbone of the world wide web. It defies the format of message through which web browsers and web servers communicate, which also defines how a web browser should respond to a particular web browser request.

What is SMTP?

SMTP stands for simple mail transfer protocol. This type of protocol allows applications to transmit email messages over the internet device. SMTP handles your own outgoing mail. Your email application connected to your mail server via using the SMTP and it sends the message.

Difference between SMTP and HTTP:

  • HTTP stand for hyper text trasfer protocol, SMTP stand for simpal mail trasfer protocol.
  • HTTP is a pull protocol, a client pulls the information available o a server by initiating a TCP connection. SMTP is a push protocol, the sending mail server pushes the data onto the receiving mail server by initiating a TCP connection.
  • SMTP uses a persistent connection,  HTTP can use both a persistent and non-persistent connection.
  • HTTP uses port 80, SMTP uses port 25.
  • HTTP does not require data to be encoded in 7 bit ASCII, SMTP requires binary multimedia data to be encoded ib 7 bit ASCII.
  • HTTP places each object its own HTTP message, SMTP place all the objects into a single message.
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