Features of IMAP

The application layer protocol known as internet message access protocol(IMAP) serves as a contract for obtaining email from the mail server. The most recent version of IMAP is IMAP4, which was created by mark Crispin in 1986 as a remote access mailbox protocol. The most used protocol for obtaining emails is this one. The terms internet mail access protocol, interactive mail access protocol, and interim mail access protocol.

Features of IMAP:

  • IMAP is the ability to manage many mailboxes and classify them into different groups.
  • To keep track of which messages are being seen, the ability to add a message flag is provided.
  • Before downloading, it has the ability to decide whether to retrieve email from a mail server.
  • When numerous files are connected downloading media becomes simple.
  • Users may look for email content using a search engine.
  • Users can also create folders to arrange their emails in a hierarchy.
  • The user is able to access email from a distance while keeping the emails on the distance server.
  • The user can keep track of which message he has already viewed by setting the message flag.
  • The user is able to switch messages between different mailboxes and manage several mailboxes. For those who are working on several projects, the user can group them into different categories. 
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