13 April 2023

OPUS Vs AAC | Difference Comparison

OPUS and AAC both are lossy codings.  OPUS shows superior quality compared to AAC codec. OPUS has been steadily gaining in popularity since it was standardized by IETF in 2012. So let us have deep insight into OPUS vs AAC to better understand this topic.

What is OPUS?

Online streaming is where audio files in the OPUS format are most frequently used. It can use a wide range of codecs, including SILK and CLT, and is a lossy format. OPUS supports all of them, from small values like 6KB to large ones like 500 KB. In addition to bitrates, the format offers a wide range of frame rates and sampling rates. The audio data is stored in the container format, which is denoted by the opus extension and is reliant on the codec.

What is AAC?

The audio coding system, or AAC, was developed as an improvement to the MP3 standard. It made its debut in 1997. The most recent version offers the best space efficiency and a great capacity for audio file compression. Even though the MP3 bit rate remains the same, the sound quality has improved. It performs as a lossy file format and generates richer audio by removing extra data from the file without necessarily affecting the audio quality. Numerous platforms, including Nintendo, the PlayStation 3, and I-tunes, use it. High-quality versions are necessary because of the forums' popularity and extensive use. It was developed as a result of efforts to improve current audio coding methods.

OPUS Vs AAC | Difference between OPUS and AAC

  • OPUS and AAC bother are lossy codings.
  • The bit rate of OPUS is up to 112, Whereas the bit rate of AAC is up to 144.
  • OPUS smoother bit rate and AAC suffers bitrate starvation. 
  • OPUS is better for lower-rate music, While AAC is better for classic music.
  • The extension of OPUS is .opus, Whereas AAC is .aac.
  • OPUS is not compatible with popular modern devices and apps, On the other hand, it is compatible with most modern devices.
  • OPUS is perfect lossy coding, and AAC is lossy flaws.
  • OPUS  has no distortion that occurs at a lower rate, But Distortion of AAC happens at 80kbps.
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