17 May 2023

WEBM Vs MP4 | Difference | Comparison

There are a variety of video formats available for download via the internet, including WebM and MP4. Both of them are typical formats. You could be unsure of whether to save the video as an MP4 or WebM file. Here this article gives the difference between WebM and MP4 to better understand this topic.

WEBM Vs MP4 | Difference between WEBM and MP4

  • WebM is developed by Google, and MP4 is developed by ISO.
  • The file extension of WebM is .webm, File extension of MP4 is .mp4.
  • WebM is a very high-quality video, and MP4 is a higher-quality video if compared to WebM to MP4.
  • Video codecs supported in WEBM are VP8 or VP9, whereas the video codec supported in MP4 is H.265/HEVC, H.264, and AVC.
  • WebM is inherently developed for internet streaming and sharing, and MP4 is best for uploading videos and sharing them.
  • WebM browsers and platforms support Opera, chrome, firefox, and Explorer, MP4 supports all popular devices and browsers, operating systems, etc.
  • WebM is not that well supported with handheld and mobile devices, Whereas MP4 has all major platforms, devices, platforms, and media players.
  • WebM is built for internet streaming, and MP4 is easily uploaded to a website and moves and copies files.
  • WebM is poor compatibility with mobile devices and players, and MP4 is online files that require buffering.
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