M4V Vs MKV | Difference | Comparison

Both M4V and MKV are in container formats, so you may be confused about choosing a video format for your output video.  So here this article gives the difference between M4V and MKV to better understand this topic.

What is M4V?

The M4V file format was created by apple inc. It is a video container format used for video files in its iTunes store. M4V files, like another container format, can store audio, subtitles and other data in addition to video. One thing to keep in mind is that M4V files are DRM projected by Apple FairPlay DRM technology, which prevents sharing or copying outside of the Apple ecosystem. It means that only Apple products including the iPhone, iPad, Apple Tv, iTunes, QuickTime Players, etc, can play M4V files.

What is MKV?

The multimedia container format MKV(Matroska Video) is also free and open source. One file may contain an infinite number of media data types, such as pictures, audio, video and subtitle tracks. For strong common media content, like movies and TV shows, it is a well-liked format. In contrast to M4V, MKV has excellent compatibility and can run smoothly on many widely used hardware or operating systems. 

M4V Vs MKV | Difference between M4V and MKV


M4V developed in apple inc. Whereas MKV developed the Matroska team.

Initial release

M4V released in data 2003, MKV realised 2002.


The file extension of M4V is .m4v, MKV extension is .mkv, .mk3d, .mka, .mks.

Type of format

Both M4V and MKV are a container format

Additional features

M4V is closed captions features, Additional features of MKV are metadata and 3D.

Video coding format

The video coding format of M4V is H.264, MKV video coding format is H.264 or AVC, H.265, HEVC.

Audio coding formats

Audio coding formats of M4V are MP3, AAC, and AC3. On the other hand, MKV audio coding format is MP3, Vorbis, AAC, AC3, FLAC, DTS, or PCM. 

Supported devices & players

In M4V-supported devices, apples own players and devices only. But the MKV is supported by all common media players and devices.

Copy Protection

M4V is protected by DRM, and MKV is no copy protection.

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