What is AIFF Used for

What AIFF file?

An audio file saved in the Audio Interchange file format(AIFF) is known as an AIFF file. It has excellent audio that is kept in an uncompressed, lossless state. AIFF files can be saved as. AIF or.AIFC files as well. According to Electronic Arts Interchange file format(IFF) guidelines, Apple Computer created the format in 1987-1988.

AIFF can be high-quality audio so it can be used wide range of audio applications, archive purposes, Limited compression, professional audio production, and CD audio. Here this article gives the uses for AIFF to better understand this topic. 

AIFF Application

  • AIFF files are known for their high audio quality because they store audio data in a lossless, uncompressed format. 
  • AIFF is frequently utilized in professional audio production and recording settings where maintaining the original audio quality.
  • AIFF is used for storing audio tracks on audio CDs. Audio format to maintain the original CD audio quality.
  • Sound libraries and sample libraries for music creation are frequently developed and distributed using AIFF.
  • AIFF is a lossless format, there is no compression available in it.
  • AIFF file can be utilized for archive purposes.
  • AIFF can be used by museums, libraries, and archives to store historic or rare audio recordings.
  • Audio editing programs can operate with AIFF files.
  • Digital audio Workstations (DAWs)can operate with AIFF files.
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