What is GDDR5

What does GDDR5 Mean?

A form of DRAM graphics card memory is called GDDR5, or graphics double data range 5. It is designed for computer applications that require a larger bandwidth. In the world of graphic cards, GDDR5 is known as DDR or double data range. DDR(Data Double Rate) is a term that can also refer to memories without graphics. The terms GDDR5 and DDR5 continue to refer to the same thing because the fifth generation of nongraphical memory has not yet been released on the market. Since GDDR5 operates on DDR3 SDRAM, which has twice as many data lines as DDR2 SDRAM, it is superior to SSR2 SDRAM. It still shares some similarities with GDDR4 because it has pre-fetch buffers that are eight bits wide.

Pros of GDDR5

  • It is affordable
  • Fairly good transfer speed
  • Lots of memory capacity sizes
  • Great choice if you have an older GPU
Cons of GDDR5
  • Technology over 10 years old
  • Lower transfer speed when compared to GDDR6