31 October 2023

What is x64?

What is x64 architecture?

The x64 also referred to as the x86-64 is a family of computer processor instruction set architectures that is similar to the x86. In contrast to x86, x64 uses 64-bit CPUs rather than 32-bit ones and an operating system. Formally, it is known as AMD 64 and Intel 64, respectively, according to its manufacturers.

Under the designation x86-64, it was first conceptualized. More specifically, the instruction set extension for x86 that allows 64-bit code is called x64 architecture.

History about x64

The majority of PC CPUs in the 1980s and 1990s were 32-bit. One of the first 64-bit gadgets to hit the mainstream was the Nintendo 64 game system, which was released by Nintendo in 1996. Interestingly the console's RAM was only 4 megabytes, or 1/1000th of a 32-bit processor's maximum 4 gigabytes. However, it made room for the additional 64-bit processor. The popularity of x64 CPUs increased in 2000 and 2010. Apple and Microsoft both produced 64-bit operating system versions. Almost all desktop and mobile devices manufactured after 2010 have been equipped with x64 processors. Nowadays the majority of apps are 64-bit as well.

Features of x64 architecture

  • It has a 64-bit integer capability
  • The virtual address space amounts to 256 TiB of it.
  • x64 process large file can be operated on by mapping the entire file into the process address space.
  • Uses hardware-backed DEP
  • Load more efficiently in the runtime
  • Support simultaneous operation of large files on multiple address spaces
  • It also has a large physical address space
  • Faster than x86 due to its faster parallel processing
Application of x64
  • All modern Mobile processors
  • Supercomputers
  • Video games consoles
  • Virtualization technologies
  • Many popular operating systems
  • Power supercomputers
  • Suitable for newer game engines
Limitation of x64
  • Its great speed and performance need more electricity
  • It does not operate natively
  • A small percentage of 32 bit software is incompatible with 64 bit systems
  • It's unlikely that older hardware and systems will get 64-bit drivers
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