19 December 2023

VRLA Battery Advantages Disadvantages

The main energy storage option chosen for the telecommunication power supply system is the VRLA(valve-regulated lead acid) battery. The main benefit of a VRLA battery over conventional VLA(Vented or flooded lead acid) batteries is less maintance, the main drawback is a somewhat shorter lifespan in comparison to the VLA battery. So here this article gives the advantages and disadvantages of VRLA battery to better understand this topic.

Benefits or Advantages of VRLA 

  • VRLA batteries are economical.
  • It reduced the demand for ventilation.
  • No acid spillage.
  • VRLA batteries are maintenance-free.
  • No corroded terminal.
  • The capacity range of the VRLA battery is high.
  • No explosion hazards.
  • It can be mounted in any position.
  • No periodic water refilling is not required.
  • VRLA battery will have a longer life.
  • VRLA batteries have a low self-discharge rate.
  • The factory charge is the most controlled environment.
  • It is high volumetric.
  • Gravimetric energy density.

Drawbacks or Disadvantages of VRLA

  • VRLA battery has reliability limitations to a certain extent.
  • The negative electrode cannot be recharged separately.
  • Shorter lifetime compared to a VLA battery.
  • Too high hydrogen evolution the negative electrode will suffer gradual discharge.
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