4G Technology | Features | Drawback | Applications

4G technology refers to the fourth generation, of wireless technology that promises expanded multimedia services and higher data rates.

4G provides the same feature as 3G and additional services like Multi-Media Newspapers, to watch T.V programs with more clarity and send Data much faster than 3G.

4G is considered as Long Term Evolution named as LTE. 

4G offers a downloading speed of 100Mbps. 4G provides high QoS and high security. Provide any kind of service at any time as per user requirements, anywhere.

Basic Features of 4G technology :

  • More security
  • Wireless broadband access 
  • Capable of providing 10Mbps-1Gbps speed
  • High speed
  • High capacity
  • High-quality streaming video
  • Low-cost per-bit etc.
  • Combination of Wi-Fi and Wi-Max

 Drawbacks of 4G Technology : 

  • Battery usage is more
  • Hard to implement
  • Need complicated hardware
  • Expensive equipment required to implement a next-generation network.
4G is being developed to accommodate the QoS and rate requirements set by forthcoming applications like wireless broadband access, Multimedia messaging service, video chat, mobile TV, HDTV content, Digital video broadcasting ( DVB ) and many other services that utilize bandwidth.  

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