24 November 2017

3G Technology | Features | Drawback | Application

3G technology refers to the third generation, is based on GSM and it was launched in 2000.

The aim of this technology was to offer high-speed data range of about 144 kbps to 2 Mbps.

It uses Wide Band Wireless Network so clarity is increased also offers data services access to television. 3G technology used in many more applications like the sharing of digital photos, movies, mobile, computer modem, high-quality voice, and video calls, etc.

Basic Features of 3G Technology :  

  • Speed - 2 Mbps 
  • Typically called smartphones 
  • Increase bandwidth and data transfer rates 
  • Providing Faster Communication
  • Send and Receive Large Email Messages
  • High-Speed Web  
  • More Security
  • Video Conferencing 
  • 3D Gaming
  • TV Streaming / Mobile TV / Phone Calls
  • Large Capacities and Broadband Capabilities
  • 11 sec – 1.5 min. time to download a 3 min Mp3 song.

Drawbacks of 3G Technology :

  • Expensive fees for 3G Licenses Services 
  • It was the challenge to build the infrastructure for 3G
  • High Bandwidth Requirement
  • Expensive 3G Phones.
  • Large Cell Phones
The 3G mobile system was called as UMTS in Europe, while CDMA 2000 was called in American 3G variant.